Rich and Reliable Data

Consistent and actionable data is crucial for your business. I can help you build an extensive and comprehensive data infrastructure based on a variety of powerful Google tools ranging from Google Analytics to Big Query.

Paid Clicks

I have nine years of experience in running paid campaigns for clients in telecom, retail, banking, travel and B2B. When running a campaign I always have a multi-channel approach in my mind; I care most about client's returns, and not the tinsel of the CTR figures. The key to this service is to test all available features, optimize conversions that turn into sales, and automate tedious tasks to ensure the best delivery.

Custom Development

Running an online business often requires extra data and integration which is not available in standard configurations of popular tools. This is where I can help by developing sophisticated scripts and add-ons in Google Ads Scripts, Javascript, Python, R, Node.js, Google Apps Scripts, and numerous APIs.


I'm Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified specialist whithin Google Partners program.


I've been working with online marketing tools since 2008 in various roles and verticals. Acquired knowledge and skills allow me to provide a better understanding of your business needs and recommend reliable solutions.


Modern marketing toolkit allows to develop and plug many smart and robust automated solutions that extend built-in functionality. I willingly help you to make use of them to expand your marketing efforts.